Immigration Scheme Target Group Key Features Application Requirements
Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) Highly skilled/talented professionals – No job offer required
– Points-based test
– Quota system
– Meet basic pre-requisites
– Pass points test
– Compete for quota allocation
Top Talent Pass Scheme (TTPS) Top global experts – Targeted at graduates from top global universities – Verification of educational background
– Proof of expertise
Business Investment Visa Entrepreneurs – Establish or relocate a business
– Contribute significantly to Hong Kong’s economy
– Detailed business plan
– Adequate capital investment
– Suitable business premises
Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals Mainland Chinese professionals – Attract mainland professionals with valuable skills and qualifications – Employment offer in HK
– Relevant qualifications and experience
Entrepreneur Visa Business owners and investors – For establishing or managing a business in HK
– Must create local jobs and contribute to the economy
– Business plan
– Financial proof
– Local sponsor
Dependent Visa Family members of visa holders – Allows family reunification
– Spouses and unmarried dependent children under 18
– Proof of relationship
– Financial stability of the primary visa holder


This table provides a concise overview of the various immigration schemes available for business professionals and entrepreneurs looking to relocate to or start a business in Hong Kong, along with their key features and application requirements.

Understanding Hong Kong’s Business Immigration Landscape

Hong Kong, renowned for its dynamic business environment, has long been a magnet for entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. Its strategic geographical location, coupled with a robust economy and favorable tax regime, makes it an ideal destination for business professionals and investors. In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of Hong Kong’s business immigration, essential for those seeking to establish or expand their presence in this global business hub.

The Evolution of Hong Kong’s Immigration Policy

Tracing its roots back to the 1840s, Hong Kong’s immigration history is as diverse as its culture. Initially a free port under British governance, it attracted a myriad of immigrants, contributing to its rich cultural tapestry and economic prosperity. Today, Hong Kong’s immigration policies are tailored to uphold its status as a premier global business center, striking a balance between openness and regulation.

Liberal Immigration Framework

Hong Kong’s approach to immigration is characterized by its liberalism. Nationals from approximately 170 countries enjoy visa-free access for various periods, underpinning the city’s welcoming stance towards business visitors and entrepreneurs. Short-term visitors can engage in business negotiations and contract signing under visitor visas, reflecting the government’s understanding of global business dynamics.

Business Immigration Policies

Attracting Global Talent

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) and the Top Talent Pass Scheme (TTPS) exemplify Hong Kong’s commitment to attracting global expertise. These programs are designed to lure the best and brightest in various fields, enhancing Hong Kong’s competitive edge on the world stage.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

For entrepreneurs, the Business Investment Visa serves as a gateway to establishing and operating businesses in Hong Kong. This visa type is pivotal for those aiming to either start new ventures or relocate existing businesses to Hong Kong.

Family Inclusion

Recognizing the importance of family, Hong Kong’s immigration policies encompass provisions for dependents, ensuring that business professionals can transition into life in Hong Kong with their loved ones.

Investment Visa: A Closer Look

Key Requirements

Applying for an Investment Visa in Hong Kong necessitates a thorough understanding of the requirements. Prospective entrepreneurs must submit a detailed business plan, demonstrating the viability and potential economic contribution of their venture. Additionally, adequate capital investment and a suitable business premise are essential criteria for approval.

Application Process

The application process involves meticulous documentation, including financial proof, business registration particulars, and a comprehensive business plan. A local sponsor, either a company or an individual, is also a prerequisite for the entrepreneur visa application.

Supporting Your Immigration Journey

Navigating the complexities of Hong Kong’s business immigration landscape can be challenging. At Pinetree Accounting Services, we offer expert guidance and assistance in immigration documentation to streamline your journey. Our services are tailored to ensure a smooth transition for you and your business into Hong Kong’s vibrant economy.


Hong Kong’s business immigration framework is designed to attract and facilitate the entry of talented professionals and entrepreneurs. By understanding the nuances of its policies and leveraging the right support, businesses can harness the opportunities that this world city has to offer. With the right preparation and guidance, your business can thrive in the thriving economic landscape of Hong Kong.

Incorporating these insights into your business strategy will not only ensure compliance with Hong Kong’s immigration policies but also position your venture for success in this dynamic market.

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