We provide proficient high-quality payroll services spanning end-to-end payroll accounting, administration and reporting services.

We understand that human resources are your greatest asset.  Therefore, our Payroll Support is designed keeping the needs of your employees in mind.  Whether it is accurate calculations, convenient mobile app or timely email response to employee queries, you can be rest assured that this part of your employee interaction is well taken care of.

Our Payroll Outsourcing Services allows you to leave the highly administrative, yet extremely important task of Payroll Processing in the hands of experts.  Not only will it buy you time, it will also give you peace of mind.


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  • Monthly salary calculation, performing quality-control audits and itemized payroll processing

  • Itemized payroll reports for client records and confirmation

  • Salary disbursement and sending pay slips to employees.

  • Calculation of employer’s and employee’s MPF contribution and depositing the same with MPF Authorities

  • Filing of Employer’s Return and handling all information exchange with the Inland Revenue Department.

  • Calculation and furnishing of leave and overtime balance reports to the client.

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Documentation

Payroll is an essential part of your business and small mistakes can prove to be costly. Outsourcing your payroll ensures that calculations are consistently correct and you are guaranteed to be following the rules and regulations. Saving on overhead costs, time and having access to improved data security of your sensitive information are just some benefits of outsourcing your payroll.

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Why outsource your payroll function to us?

  • Accurate monthly payroll processing.

  • Seamless new employee onboarding to the database.

  • Prompt updating of left employee data.

  • Convenience in managing leave and attendance.

  • Be always Compliant

  • Convenience – Our mobile apps are super-efficient.

  • Affordable pricing

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Monthly Payroll Processing

We ensure timely and accurate monthly payroll processing run.  It entails a very comprehensive process.  It starts with the compilation of data existing, new and left employees, identifying the changes in salaries while doing a pay-run for the month.  Furthermore, our process includes accurately calculating all deductions including MPF, voluntary contributions, ORSO, deduction of leave without pay etc.

A draft payroll report for the month will be provided to the company for approval, before proceeding to run the final payroll report.

We have the flexibility to manage the payroll run for employees working on different shifts, overtime calculations etc.

The monthly payroll reports includes employee pay-slips that can be downloaded from the employee portal or the employee app.

In short, our focus is on being both timely and accurate.

New Employee Onboarding

A new employee joining your team is a special occasion.  It would be very encouraging for the new employee to know that their payroll database is immediately set-up and ready for their first pay.

When a new employee is appointed and intimated to our team, we will immediately update the database with the personal particulars, HKID number and salary details.  This information will be captured in the next payroll run.

The Form IR56E to be filed with the Inland Revenue department (IRD) will be prepared.

Retiring or Leaving Employee

We believe that an ex-employee is the greatest ambassador for your company.  It is essential therefore to ensure their exit is as smooth as possible.  We play our part in ensuring just that.

The database will be updated to record all attritions.  We prepare the Full & Final settlement statement in compliance with the Company Policy as well as the Labor Laws.  We ensure that this information is reflected accurately in the next payroll run. 

The Form IR56F and/or IR56G to be filed with the Inland Revenue department (IRD) will be prepared.

Leave and attendance

We have a system that provides the flexibility for an employee to apply for leave, check his leave balances and manage his leave seamlessly through the employee mobile app provided by us.  

Simultaneously, their line manager would be able to approve or reject the application on the manager app. 


We ensure that you are fully compliant with all regulations relating to MPF, IRD, Employee Compensation Insurance, relevant provisions of Employment Ordinance etc.


We manage an email support desk to answer any payroll related questions that your employees may have.  Our turnaround time is usually 24 hours.  We also assist our clients in verifying HRA and reimbursement proofs and can hold periodic on-site help-desks to achieve this purpose.

Affordable pricing

We have structured our pricing keeping our clients in mind.  Hence, we do not have any one time on-boarding costs.  Our prices are calculated based on ‘per user per month’ model.  This way it is very easy for you to migrate to our payroll services.


  • Zero Up-front investment
  • Pay-as-needed by Employee HC
  • Flexible payment options


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Web Access Anywhere
  • Multi-lingual


  • Covers every step along the entire payroll process from set roster, track attendance & leave, calculate salary, make salary payment & MPF contributions to tax reporting.


  • Roster setting with auto dispatch
  • Change and sync roster anytime
  • Real-time attendance tracking
  • Manage employee’s applications anywhere


  • Final payments
  • Attendance Bonus based on late minutes
  • Commission based on revenue
  • Auto calculate leave payments


  • 418 management
  • Auto track ADW (713 Ordinance)
  • Localized MPF, tax report generation
  • Data security compliance