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Pinetree offers professional one-stop services in visa and immigration consultation to our corporate clients and international assignees.

Our visa specialists excel in areas of Hong Kong immigration requirements. From our experience, selecting the appropriate type of visas and devising a proper strategy from the start are of prime essence for the prompt and successful application. We utilize our solid relevant experience and in-depth knowledge of the procedures and requirements of visa application to advise our clients the best strategy for the appropriate type of visa to be applied.

Visas vary based on the type of work conducted in Hong Kong. Within business visas, there are a few different visas that will be applicable based on your role. Shareholders require an investment visa whereas employees will require a different visa. Ascertaining the right type of visa is crucial as possessing the wrong visa for the nature of work being carried out will attract penalties.

We provide a simplified solution with our in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the procedures and requirements of visa application. We offer professional advice on choosing the most appropriate visa type and its relevant forms, with the best strategy.

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