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Hong Kong Company Formation Services.

Hong Kong is reckoned as the international finance and business centre in the world. It offers the ideal location for entrepreneurs and firms to enter and conduct business in China and rest of the Asian economies. Setting up a company is faster, cheaper and convenient in Hong Kong.

Although setting up a company is easy, the process of ensuring the right paperwork is filed is crucial. With our experience & expertise we can help you with company formation. We can also assist with bank account opening and obtaining the right type of visa to conduct business in Hong Kong.

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Company Formation and Company Secretary Services.

Sun Secretarial Services Limited has a Trust & Company Service Provider License to provide Company Formation and Company Secretary Services in Hong Kong.

Under the Companies Ordinance, every company registered in Hong Kong to have a company secretary. A company secretary performs certain key functions in the management of the company affairs, such as maintaining registers required under the statute, attending and recording minutes of the directors and shareholders meetings, filing various forms with the Companies Registry and ensuring compliance to the Companies Ordinance and other Corporate Laws.

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Starting a company is no easy step for anyone. Whatever be your circumstances, be it a business newbie, a seasoned entrepreneur or a foreign company entering Hong Kong, there would be several questions that you may have.

In getting answers to these questions, may lie the key to the success or otherwise of the venture. We advise our clients on any matter relating to the company structure, director functions, shareholding agreement, Hong Kong Immigration rules, Hong Kong taxation and other such critical matters. And to top it all, it comes completely free.

No Hidden Charges.

Our Company Formation fees and Company Secretary fees are completely transparent. We tell you upfront what your total costs are and will be bound by this. We do not then charge you anything beyond what you have contracted for. And our charges are extremely competitive.

Single Window Solution.

Look no further than PineTree Accounting and Sun Secretarial for all your Company Formation, Company Secretarial, Accounting, Immigration and Taxation needs.  We provide an umbrella of services, to ensure that you focus on your business, while we take care of your paperwork.

Comprehensive AML Framework.

Comprehensive AML Framework – Hong Kong is a signatory to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and as such has very elaborate Anti-Money Laundering (AML) framework in place. At Sun Secretarial, we pride in our compliance to the AML laws of Hong Kong. Together with our software partner, www.veridatefinancial.com, we conduct comprehensive AML checks, as a customer onboarding process. As our clients, you can be rest assured that you are with the right company.

Highly Qualified and Trained Team.

Our Team is trained for all aspects of Corporate and Tax compliances. Apart from the routine compliances, our team has ensured the following processes for our clients, in accordance with law: i) Buy-back of its’ own shares ii) Conversion from a Public Company to a Private Company iii) Restoration of Companies stricken off from the Companies Registry iv) Restoration of De-registered companies. Some of these cases were referred to us by other secretarial firms, due to our specialised knowledge.

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Accuracy in Compliances.

We maintain a compliance calendar and inform our clients well in advance of any impending compliance due dates.  As such we ensure that we do not miss any compliance deadline.  We pride ourselves in achieving 100% accuracy in our compliances.

Affordable Pricing.

We have structured our pricing keeping our clients in mind. Simple, upfront and no extra surprises. Our Company formation services are competitively and clearly priced in Hong Kong.

Company Formation Services in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong companies can be formed with at least one director and one shareholder. There is no requirement for a Hong Kong resident director. This means Hong Kong company can be formed by a foreign director and shareholder.

To form the Hong Kong company, we first ask you for your suggested company name. After doing the necessary searches to ensure that you are not infringing an already registered name, we ask you to provide the identity documents of the beneficial owners and directors. A compliance check is run against these documents. We then draft the Articles of Association and the necessary forms to be lodged with the Companies Registry for the incorporation.

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We also assist you in preparing your Shareholders Agreement, if needed.

Our charges for incorporating a company is HKD 10,000.  This includes all government fees, one year fees for acting as your company secretary, providing registered office address and preparing the documents necessary for opening the bank account.

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