Virtual Office

Our Virtual Office services, supports businesses that may not be in need of permanent space, with addresses in the heart of Hong Kong without having to incur traditional office costs.

Why do you need a virtual office?

  • You travel often and therefore don’t need a dedicated office space in Hong Kong

  • You work from home but require an identity for your business in a prestigious location

  • You require an office identity but do not have the budget for a physical office

  • You would like to reduce your overhead costs but still keep an office address in the city

Our Virtual Office service provides you with a local point of contact in Hong Kong for your customers with all the benefits of a permanent office without the need to actually be there.

Our virtual office will place your business amidst the Hong Kong business landscape without having to incur traditional office costs. You can have a prestigious local address, enjoy the benefits of a dedicated local contact number that can be forwarded to your current business location. Our secretarial service will ensure that your clients are professionally catered to, your office image is created well and all communication are handled to suit your needs.

We will answer your phone calls, handle your mail and faxes and relay messages to you, so that you can concentrate on running your business.

We have a number of locations you can choose from. Contact Us to find out more.

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